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If you are a fan of the classic casino game of roulette, it is likely that you will really love online roulette. Why? It offers all of the same thrills and wagering opportunities, but it delivers it to you in the comfort of your home!

In this discussion, we are going to compare the roulette available through the following online casinos:

  • William Hill Casino

  • Winner Casino

  • 21Nova

Each of their online roulette offerings will be a bit different, and so we will go over them one by one to understand how they each can claim to rank among the best.

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If you want to play roulette online, it is imperative that you already have a fairly good understanding of the game, and its variations. This is going to become very clear as we make our way through this comparison of websites because they each have a different “spin” on the traditional game.

Find the top online casinos for roulette games

To simplify things we’ll just establish that roulette developed in Europe and used only a single “zero” slot on the wheel and layout. The American game added another zero slot, the “double zero” that increases the house edge on the game. There was another mutation of the game with the creation of French roulette that uses the same wheel and layout as the European version, but which allows additional bets such as the “neighbor” and “announce” options. Finally, the advent of the Internet and online casinos allowed for the creation of “mini” roulette that has only thirteen numbers, but which means that all players have a higher chance of winning!

At William Hill Casino, players can register and make deposits into player accounts in order to begin playing the site’s online European, American, and Mini games. This site also has a “live” roulette area in which fans of European and French roulette can play games in real time. There is also the option for “Pro” roulette that uses only the call and announce bets as well. This site has also created very high end graphics for their alternative roulette games. They have a 3D Roulette game, and they also have the Premium Pro series that uses the Race Track and Special bets, along with individual games of American, French, or European roulette as well.

This site has a nice bonus for first time depositors and uses very limited terms and conditions for the promotion to apply to the account.

The Casino Winner site keeps things a lot simpler and offers only the American and European versions of the game. They use remarkably advanced graphics, however, and this gives their players the feel of an opulent gaming room rather than a standard video game experience! They too have new player promotions, but also extend ongoing and membership promotional offers as well.

The 21Nova site also provides the full array of roulette options, including American, European and French. It is also one of the sites providing players with the opportunity for mini roulette as well.

Choose the best casino for playing roulette

This site allows players to enjoy “free” games or instant games without first downloading software to their computer’s hard drive. They also make some nice bonus payments and regular promotions available too.

It is impossible to say which of these sites is the “best” for online roulette because that is more of a personal preference. We can say that these sites give players a chance to experience the best versions of the games, some of the best graphics around, and a lot of nice bonus opportunities too.


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