Casino Games With The Biggest Payouts


It doesn’t really matter which sort of casino games you prefer; if you are looking for the ones with the biggest payouts you have to explore those with progressive pots or prizes. This means that you will want to direct your attention to the different slots games that use progressive jackpot features.

The focus of this discussion is going to be on the casino games offering the biggest payouts from the following sites:

  • William Hill

  • Winner Casino

  • 21Nova

Understanding Progressive Games

As already stated, the most familiar of the progressive games are the many slots games that utilize this system. For example, at William Hill, there are 38 different progressive jackpot games, and they are so popular that the site has allotted a separate page for the games to be posted. The icons indicate the current sizes of the ever-growing jackpots, and these serve as links that can let someone click and begin playing immediately.

Casino Games With The Biggest Payouts

It does help to understand the differences between standard jackpots and the progressive ones. Firstly, the standard jackpot is a fixed entity associated with a single machine or game. For example, that Cleopatra themed slots game that you like to play is played only by you, and only you can win the jackpot during your gaming time.

When you look at the payout table for that game, you see that it is fixed as a certain number of “coins” available. The actual amount of the prize is then determined by the amount that you yourself have assigned to the coins. For example, if you win the jackpot of 5,000 coins you may have won $5,000 or you may have won $500 depending upon the amount you wagered.

The progressive pot is different because it is not locked to a single machine or game. It is usually the result of many machines or games that are linked together with a percentage of every wager made on those machines or games increasing the amount of the jackpot. So, if you play at a site like William Hill, 21Nova, or Winner Casino you may see that your preferred progressive slots game (or video poker or blackjack that also have progressive options) has an enormous jackpot available. This is because no one has hit that jackpot for a while and it has increased to epic proportions.

Winner Casino also has a separate page for its 20 progressive jackpots too. These also feature the rolling “tickers” that let a player know what the current value of the “pot” is, and this is often quite shocking. For instance, it is not unusual for a jackpot to be several hundred thousand dollars at any given time!

Winning the Big Prizes

Winning the Big Prizes

So, how do you win these massive prizes? This is where the confusion often sets in because most of the biggest payouts in any casino game (this includes all of the table games as well) are going to come to those who put up the highest wagers. The players who want to take a shot at the progressive jackpot have to wager the maximum credits on their spins in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.

Players at the Winner Casino site can choose from the four progressive slots games. These are not as simple as they initially appear, however, because some of them have up to eight games in one or more than twenty paylines – meaning that even secondary prizes are very large too.


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