How Do We Rate Our Online Casinos

Ratings Explained

Rating online casinos is not a simple endeavour. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of competing information available, and it takes a bit of investigation to determine the best from the worst. We employ a thorough method of research to determine how to rank any site according to our “star” system.

Casino Ratings Explained

The Factors Considered

When we first begin assessing any online casino, we wait until we have gathered the following information before forming an opinion:

  • Features

  • Ease of Use

  • Graphics

  • Safety

  • Funding and Withdrawal Options

  • Immediacy of Payouts

  • Bonus Size

  • Any Professional Editorial Reviews; and

  • Customer Reviews

Once we have the “complete picture” we can then decide just how many stars the casino has earned; with more stars meaning the casino is among the best around. In order to understand this rating system, let’s take a moment to discuss each of the factors used in coming to a final conclusion.

The Features

As itemized, we look at the ease of use of the site and the software, the quality of the graphics, the security and safety of the site, the different funding and withdrawal options, the payouts, and the sizes of the bonuses.

Some of these issues are very “clear cut” and require only the most basic consideration. For example, if we open the home page of an online casino and are overwhelmed by the different boxes and segments of the screen that draw the eye, we know that the site is not user friendly.

Instead, what we hope to see when considering ease of use is a website that is quite clean and stylish, and which makes it very easy for us to navigate our way to the table or our game of choice. This is facilitated by well-done graphics.

We know that there are really only a small number of software companies writing the programs that run casinos. This, however, does not mean that the same graphics should appear from site to site. We look for original logos and color schemes and want to see that some of the graphical features are customizable too – such as the option for changing the images on the backs of playing cards.

Of course, good looks and ease of use are nothing if the game is not secure. This means that we look for software that is safe and easy to load to our hard drive, that updates without flaws, and which allows all of the different transactions to occur without any risk of spyware, viruses, or computer “glitches.”

How do we rate online casinos?

The security of the program should protect our financial information, but we also like to see that the casino itself has policies that allow us to choose from a list of options from which to fund our account. For instance, we like to see credit cards, online payment systems, and even some transfer options available. This means security and flexibility, and that is a major issue for most casino gamers.

The final two issues tend to merge together, but the size of bonuses and the immediacy of their payouts is a heavy factor in our rating system. If someone has to jump through too many hurtles or really spend a lot of money to get their bonuses, this doesn’t allow us to give the casino a good ranking.

Naturally, we don’t take our own opinions as the sole source of criticism and review. We also scout out at least two professionally written reviews to contrast with our findings, and try to obtain at least five different consumer opinions as well.

In doing all of this we feel we give any online casino a fair assessment which we can then pass on to our visitors.

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