Online Casino promotions

An Introduction to Promotions

When you begin to play games at an online casino, you will find that each of the sites uses an array of different approaches in order to obtain your ongoing business. While there are always going to be “first time” bonuses that can include deposit rewards and even “free money”, most of the promotions are going to involve your ongoing participation in the different games available.

Finding the best online casino promotion

Promotions in Detail

Let’s start this discussion about what to look for when choosing online casino promotions by defining precisely what they are. To begin with, the promotions tend to be broken down into different levels. This might mean new or first deposit options, second deposit promotions, and even some third deposit rewards. There can be “payment method” promotions that give a percentage of the deposit for using a specific payment system, and there are usually some “referral” promotions too. The best online casinos also provide “comp points,” but this is often a promotion made available only to the advanced players.

So, as we just mentioned, when you are looking to choose a casino it is a good idea to work with a group that gives their promotional funds in “stages.” This means you will want to start with a site extending a “new player” bonus. You can think of this as the “phase one” bonus that will let you explore the casino’s offerings without investing a tremendous amount of money.

All initial promotions are going to function in one of two ways, either they will give you some free money when you make a deposit, or they will provide of a small credit deposited into your account when you register as a player. There should be no “catch” to getting these funds and they should just apply to your gaming as soon as you begin to play.

Terms and Conditions Explained

It’s here that we should cover the different “catches” or “terms and conditions” that some casinos apply to their promotional offers. For one thing, you might find that some casinos have such an extensive list of restrictions and limitations on the way that the promotional funds might pay that it could be impossible to get them. What you want to see is a relatively small “minimum deposit” figure listed in the terms, and a wager requirement that seems reasonable.

Understanding casino promotions terms and conditions

The wager requirement is something that tends to confuse people, but it is fundamentally just a simple mathematical equation. For instance, let’s say that the casino you have chosen imposes an “x18” requirement for their promotional rewards. This means that you must play out a minimum amount of 18 times your deposit before you get the promotional funds. So, let’s say you deposited $10 in order to give the casino a try. It will be when you have played $180 that you get the promotional money promised.

Often, the wagering requirement actually decreases as the player spends more time and makes more deposits at the site. Thus, the second and third deposit promotions tend to ask less of a wagering minimum before the player gets to cash out.

The payment method deposits may have these same sorts of terms, and they also ask that the player uses a select method of depositing and/or withdrawing. Though these rewards may vary, they tend to range between ten and fifteen percent of the initial deposit amount.

Finally, it is usually the “VIP” or advanced players who are offered rewards for referring friends to the online casino, or for playing so often that they begin to receive “comp” points. Anything described as “comp” is usually real money, so it is worth finding a site that provides such promotions.


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