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You might think that there is nothing you can do to beat online slot machines and in part you are right about this. Slot machines are all about luck but that doesn’t mean that you can’t advance your game by using some smart slots tips. One piece of advice that you will always hear is to start playing on free slot machines and this is a good advice. When you play for free you don’t have to worry about losing money and you can focus on the theme, the game play and the special features to determine whether you like the game or not.

Online slot tips

Smart slots tips

So the best tips for slots is to start with the free slots just to get into the game. Take the opportunity to play around a bit with coin size, amount of active bet lines and so on. You could also try buttons for max bets and similar features to see how the game responds. While you spin the reels for free, take the time to look closer at the graphics and animations and ask yourself if you enjoy them. If you find that you reach for the turn off the sound button it means that you are playing on slot machine with sound effects that are disturbing you. Pay attention to this and try a different game if you feel that the sound effects and music make you stressed or annoyed.

If you want smart slots tips for your money, you need to understand that the best money management comes from understanding that this is a game without guarantees. If you are lucky you could win millions but this is not something to count on. In fact, smart money management comes with the assumption that you will lose all your bets. It might sound negative but with this attitude you will find it easier to enjoy the games no matter what the results.

How to win the big money on slots

How to win the big money

If you are looking to win big money on slots you need to pick the right games. Go for the slots with bigger payout percentages. These are the games that will pay out a larger part of the money invested in them. If you are lucky you will be the one benefiting from this. You could also opt for the progressive games that come with massive jackpots. A winning combination on these could score you huge sums of money.









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