Casino payouts should suit your gambling strategy

The title of this article probably leaves you wondering what a casino payout actually is, and few gamblers take the time to learn about it. We are going to explain to you how to choose a casino with a payout percentage that correlates to your personal gambling strategy.

The Payout

Let’s start with the most obvious part of this equation – your gambling strategy. Most frequent players understand the risks or the amount of money that they might lose when applying their strategies. Consider the roulette player who uses the “Martingale” strategy. This is a system that asks the player to double their wager with every loss. It is meant to help them recover their losses and take a profit when they do eventually win. The problem is that a casino may have such a lousy payout percentage that it is foolhardy to use this strategy when playing their roulette games.

This is when we can look at the meaning of the percentage. In the United States, the “brick and mortar” casinos have very liberal amounts in terms of how much of each dollar they have to payout to their clients. In some places, the rates can be as devastatingly low as 70%! In the online casino industry, however, the numbers of clients is so much higher that the casinos tend to deliver remarkably high percentage rates.

For example, the averages range from around 96.5% to 97.2%. This means that the casino makes a habit of paying back that much money to its clients and operating on the difference, or from 2.8% to 3.5% of the profits.

How can they guarantee this? It has to do with the software that operates the games and systems used by the online casinos. All of the programs are certified by very official agencies to ensure that there is no cheating or manipulation of the games, and RNG programs are put in place to ensure everything is “above board.”


What is RNG? This means “random number generator” and is software that turns out an overwhelming number of numeric combinations at a lightning fast speed. So, if you were playing at a regular casino and were consistently losing at a video slots game you could walk away from the machine and try another. If you saw that the next person to sit down at the original machine took the prize, it is not likely that you “should” have stayed in that seat because the RNG would have set out so many combinations that it was never guaranteed that your next pull would win.

Using RNG and software designed to keep the payout percentage at a certain level is the way that the casinos keep things fair and even. So, we can now come back to how this should be used to correlate to your gambling strategies. Again, it has to be a very personal answer because no two players would choose the same games or make the same moves.

What you need to do is look at the certificates for the games that you know you will play most often. Find out their individual rates of payout, take your set gambling budget, and subtract that percentage from it. Can you afford to lose three percent of your money? Can you afford to lose the amount the casino guarantees that you might? This is the way to begin to understand if you can afford to play your preferred games to the levels that you do.

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