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Online Slots – Game Types and Playing Instructions

How you go about playing online slots? This brief tutorial is going to start with one very strong recommendation, and that is to use the casino’s tutorials and free games whenever available! This is the only way to really understand the ways to use the games without also accidentally losing your money too!

The Video Slots Games

While these games are not at all complicated or complex, they are extremely “busy” when you first look at them. This might be due to the wild designs and color schemes, the animation on the reels and display, or the array of extras such as side bets and buttons used for settings. Because of this, it is a wise idea to get used to the basic functions and operations before you stake a real money wager on a spin.

The best casinos make instant games readily available, and you need to use them to learn the right way to operate the games.

It also helps to clarify the different areas of the screen, and how the actual slot games function. For example, do you know what the payline, paytable, reels, and symbols are? If not, you have to take the time to master these items because they tell you how much you have won or what the possible prizes might be.

For example, if you look at a slots game you would notice immediately that the screen has a grid-like appearance, but the size of the grid can vary from one machine to another. For instance, one machine may look like it has only three rows and three columns while the next one may seem to have five rows and five columns.

The columns are going to be called the “reels” and they contain all of the symbols that will create the combinations you need to win a prize. The rows tend to be divided by the paylines. This is the line on the screen where the symbols must stop in order to let you take the prize.

You can see how the symbols function, in terms of combinations, by taking a good look at the paytable. This shows you how many of each symbol you need to win the prize listed. For instance, the paytable may show a row of three sevens and then the number of “coins” that you would receive in payment if that is what you were lucky enough to spin.

Because some of the modern online slots games have dozens of paylines zigzagging all over the screens, it is not always easy to fit the paytable on a single screen and some slots games use a few different screens to describe what the different combinations payout.

Now, about those wagers, you should know that these can vary too. For example, most games have flexible values for the individual coins. A player may risk only five cents on each of the coins or stake a hundred dollars or more on each of them. When they win, the coins they receive also have the assigned value.

Games also have coin limits per spin as well. Some games have only a single coin available per spin, but others may allow a large number of coins to be staked on the spin. This matters the most when the game is a “progressive jackpot” because these require the maximum number of coins to qualify the player for the enormous prize.

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