The basic game of Blackjack is easy enough to understand. You need to get as close to 21 points as possible. You and the dealer are competing to get the best hand and while there might be other players around the table you are all in it against the dealer. If you get more than 21 points you lose so you need to understand what to do with your first two cards in order to win the game. The best online casinos will offer you free Blackjack as well as many different versions of the game. Start by playing for free and when you feel that you understand the game well you can move on to the best online blackjack games with real money bets. Terms & conditions apply to each of the offers below, click "Get Bonus" for further information.


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Online Blackjack

In online Blackjack you can play alone against the casino or take part in a live blackjack game. The best online blackjack games have a structure that is easy to understand and they come with complete information about the rules. You should always have a look at these rules because blackjack online can come with many special features that you need to be aware of. Don’t assume that you will be able to split, double down or take insurance -- this will all depend on the version that you are playing.

The best casino Blackjack games are also available for your mobile phone. You might have to pick a different version of the game but today it is quite common for online casinos to offer their games both for a regular desktop computer and for a smartphone or tablet.

Luck and skill

If you compare it with other casino games such as roulette games online you can definitely see a big difference between pure luck games and Blackjack. In online Blackjack, skill can be what makes the difference. When you understand your chances of getting a 21, you will make the correct choices. Of course, sometimes luck has it that you get a terrible starting hand but luck can also be behind a starting hand that makes 21, so Blackjack is a game where luck and skill will interact and this is both exciting and inspiring.