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Bet365 Casino

Bet365 will be a familiar name to many people. The same company has plenty of other online gaming offerings aside from their casino, but Bet365 Casino is a great offering in and of itself. The site has the option of playing with live dealers, which makes it a very fun way to combine the best of being in a real life casino and being able to enjoy your gaming from the comfort of your own home.

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Bet365 Casino offers some nice bonuses to get you in the door. The slots club allows those who love this game to get comp points on their games and, possibly, to win a cash prize. If you're a new player, you may find yourself getting a $200 prize right off the bat. Many of their promotions are based on specific games, like the slot machines bonus, and there is a "Spinner Winner" program that allows you to participate in a $10,000 play on their roulette wheels. There is also a VIP offer on tap for those who come to the casino a lot and who want to be treated like a VIP in a real life casino.


Bet365 Casino has plenty of options where games are concerned. The first option is how you want to play. You may use a flash-based system to play without having to download any software. You do, of course, have the option of downloading their software and playing that way, as well. The casino also has a mobile version, which is a great way to pass the time when you're on the go and need a fun distraction.

The Games available at Bet365 include all of the standard fare, including different variations on blackjack, a host of slot games and roulette. This casino offers you the option, on some games, of playing with a live dealer rather than playing against a computer. You can also play poker games, if you choose. High rollers will be glad to find that baccarat is available, as well.

Signing Up

Signing up to the service is easy. You'll have to provide your contact information, of course, and you create a password and security number to make sure that your account is secure from intrusion. If you do have trouble with the sign up process—which would be rather odd, considering it's very straightforward—you can contact the customer service at Bet365 and ask them for assistance. They are available by telephone and live chat, so finding someone to help is not a problem with this online casino.


ike most online casinos, Bet365 makes it easy to pay into their casino for credits and to get paid when you win. Winnings are delivered quickly and their system is reliable. Because they do have around-the-clock customer support, it's easy to get a hold of them when needed.

The easiest way to fund an account, or to receive your winnings, is to use a credit card or a debit card. The casino accepts all of the biggest names out there.

You can also make use of the PayPal online banking service, which is a very rapid and reliable way to receive payments. There are a host of other services that are offered, as well, and you can use a bank wire if you want to keep things more traditional as far as transferring money. There are some delays on the bank wire services, however, but the services that are based online, and the credit and debit cards, are instant, which is a nice advantage when you want to add some money to do a bit of gaming with.

Bottom Line

Bet365 Casino does get some points for its association with the other Bet365 offerings out there, which tends to give it an air of credibility. The company has over 100 games to offer, so there is plenty of variety. The addition of a live dealer is also a nice touch on the blackjack and roulette games and some players will find this to be a very persuasive offering and a compelling reason to consider this online casino above others.

Bet365 Casino also has a reliable payment and pay-out system, which makes it attractive. The 24-hour customer service line and, particularly, the live chat feature, add another layer of security to doing business with this company that many online casino fans will likely find very attractive. Overall, this is a very professional setup and the company has plenty to offer the gamers who come their way.

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