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Special Features
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Genting Casino

There are plenty of reasons to give Genting Casino some serious consideration as an online gambling venue. The casino has a lot of different teams available and, it is owned by an organization that owns some of the largest gambling clumps in the UK, so there is quite a bit of experience behind this online offering, as well.


Genting Casino offers a huge deposit bonus of 100% up to £1500 for new players, plus an auto reload bonus 50% up to £1000 - and that's before we mention the Instant VIP Access, exclusive only to Top 10 Best Online Casinos players.

In addition to this bonus, you can also receive a 2nd deposit 50% bonus.

If you deposit £1,000 or more, you become a VIP player and are entitled to a lot more perks, such as exclusive bonuses, personal support, higher table limits and more.


The entire range of casino games can be found on the Genting casino system. The live casino games offer you the option of playing with the live dealer on games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Genting offers very high table limits for those who make it into the VIP ranks of the casino system. Live dealers can be found right on screen and the interface that incorporates their services is easy to see and the graphics are very easy to understand.

Other casino game options include gin rummy, roulette royale and multiplayer blackjack offerings that can be played on a flash system. There are also tournaments offered at this casino, which is a nice offering for players who like a more competitive gaming experience.

You'll also find plenty of games of chance to participate in. Dice, slots and roulette are all available and you can play them online without a live dealer, if you prefer. There is also blackjack available for those players who enjoy this casino classic. Progressive jackpot games are also available.

Signing Up

If you want to give the Genting a test-spin before putting real money on the line, the system can accommodate that. On signing up, you'll be asked whether you want to play for real money or if you want to take advantage of the practice mode. If you choose the latter, you can just try out the games and see how they stack up to your expectations without risking any money at all.

When you're ready to play for real, you can add a source of funding. You'll need to provide some basic information and the system will guide you through the entire process. You'll have to make a deposit into your account before you can play.


You can make payments using a variety of systems—and take your cash out, of course—and one of the bonuses of Genting is that there is no service charge assessed by the casino for using any of them. The system allows you to use payment providers such as Click2Pay, Moneybookers, Neteller, Ukash and more. You can also use a direct transfer to or from your bank account to provide funding, but there is a delay with this service due to the banks. All of the other methods, save for cheques, are instant.

Credit and debit cards are also available as a means of funding your account and receiving payment, so there are plenty of easy ways to use this system that are very convenient and most users should find a very convenient way to participate available to them.

Bottom Line

Genting will be particularly popular with those who like to play at the high roller level, as it has many features and bonuses oriented toward that crowd. It has a lot of other offerings, however, and shouldn't be thought of as overly exclusive. The slots, progressive jackpots and tournaments provide ways for players who like casual and competitive play to get in on the action and to enjoy the system, as well.

Genting also has a lot of name recognition behind it, given their ownership of other casino properties, and this will likely appeal to some users who are looking for an online gaming establishment that can boast a lot of experience under its belt. Genting has a flash-based interface, which makes it easy to go onto the site and play a bit whenever the mood strikes you. All in all, this site does a nice job of providing a classy online gambling option.


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