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Our goal is pretty simple – to be the number one resource for accurate and well-researched casino reviews. We are also working to ensure that we are a main source for information about games, tips, and more. To do this we are using an innovative approach and constantly working to enhance our knowledge base. We have also taken great pains to ensure that this site is easy to use and an effective tool for any online gaming enthusiast.

Currently, our content includes:

Editorial Reviews

The use of editorial reviews ensures that the major points of evaluation (games, bonuses, customer service, etc.) are scrutinized through a neutral “lens” or filter. This is the one way we can give our readers a solid base with which to begin comparing the “user generated content” and opinions. For example, when a visitor can read the professional critique of a game and then learn how several players felt about it, they can get a more genuine and in-depth view, and this can help them learn if the game or casino is the right one for their needs.

User Reviews

We are happy to provide a venue for our visitors to leave content, opinions, and reviews. We believe that this is one of the best ways to choose whether or not to visit a particular casino or try a specific game.

Because we are still developing our galleries of reviews, however, we anticipate that we will see far more user reviews over time. We hope that this will help us shift to a very “user-centric” model that serves in the same way that a high-quality forum operates.

For now, we try to use an equal amount of user generated content and editorial feedback to develop our lists of the best sites, games, bonuses, etc.

Online Casino Lists

The lists of online casinos provided by this site contain only those that have been found to be entirely trustworthy. By this, we mean those that we have visited, scrutinized for software security, double-checked for licensing, and scoured for user feedback. We also take the number of registered players into consideration as well.

We hope that more and more of our customers will continue to submit reviews of these trusted online casinos in order for us to develop the strongest list of ratings possible.

Casino Guides

We also provide information about individual casinos, tips for casino gaming in the online world, and information about getting started with the online casino venues. We offer this not as a way of recommending strategies or tactics, but purely for informational purposes. We hope to encourage players to try new sites and games by giving the simplest explanations possible. We currently focus on online casinos only, though there may be some efforts directed at some land based, or “brick and mortar,” establishments at some point in the future.

We believe that online casinos are fun and exciting and we hope to provide people with the information that they need to get the most of out of their experiences.

The Top10BestOnlineCasinos Staff

Our Staff is made up of four of the most knowledgeable industry insiders from the online gambling world. With over 20 years of combined experience at the top online casino brands and companies our team is able to offer unparalleled insight and invaluable information to our users. Feel free to get in touch at: support@top10bestonlinecasinos.co.uk

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