Casino Bonus - Which is The Best for You?


A casino bonus is free money so that must mean that any bonus is the right one for you…correct? Actually, the answer is no because not all players or bonuses are alike. This article is going to guide you towards the right casino bonuses for your needs and playing habits.

Understanding the Bonuses

What does it mean when we say that your needs and playing habits will dictate the bonus options you choose? Let’s first accept that every single bonus option available tends to come with terms and conditions. These are the things that tell you how you will actually go about getting that bonus.

For example, a lot of casinos make a free casino bonus available to their clients who have just made their first deposits. Sometimes they give a percentage of that deposit and other times it is a fixed amount. Either way, the depositor is going to have to meet the casino’s terms and conditions before they can get that money put into their account.

Understanding casino bonuses

Let’s say that you find a casino that has all of the slots machines and blackjack games that you want. They use excellent software and have the right level of customer support. You see that they have a 20% bonus offered on your first deposit, but you then read the proverbial “fine print” to find out how you will get that money.

For this example, let’s say that you deposited $100 into the account. This means that you will be getting a $20 bonus. The site says that you have to do an x18 before you get the money. This means that you have to have wagered eighteen times your initial deposit amount before they give you that $20 bonus…that is $1800. Clearly, it pays to discover if the bonuses are all that they are cracked up to be or inflated with a lot of hype.

Does this mean that none of the bonuses are good? No, not at all! Some of the bonuses available are fantastic. Consider the sites that provide their registered customers with “comp points” or with referral payments. These are things that cost the player nothing extra and are just given to them for playing games or getting friends to join the site as well.

How to find the best casino bonus

For example, if you have a lot of friends interested in playing online casino games, you can send them the link taken from your casino’s site, and if the friends register and make a deposit on the account you may get a nice percentage as a reward. The comp point system doesn’t come “for free” but simply awards you from one to five points for every dollar spent at the casino. These points are used as credits in the games you play most, and can serve as free money or as funds that you might use to test out strategies or theories!

A final type of online casino bonus that is really excellent and surprising is the “funding method” bonus. These are not always available, but if your preferred gaming site is offering casino bonuses for simply registering a new credit card or online payment account, it makes a lot of sense to take them up on the offer. Often this is a way to get a small percentage of your initial deposit sent directly into your player’s account and made available for gaming right away.


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